Electronic CCF in Salisbury

Hire Candidates Quickly


We provide you with access to a free online management system powered by Alere eScreen. eScreen gives you the tools you need to hire and maintain a drug-free workplace using the least amount of time and effort.

This process is designed using step-by-step protocols that ensure consistency and total electronic form completion during our collection process. 

(drug testing Electronic CCF in Salisbury Paperless Drug Testing in Salisbury)

Real-time and online


Using the online program, MyeScreen, you can arrange and order a drug and/or alcohol test. This event scheduling option even automatically sends instructions, which we refer to as an ePassport, to the donor with all the details about the event, including a map to our clinic.

This convenient feature also allows you to track missed events, monitor the time of the collection, and follow donor/specimen status online.

Simply check your MyeScreen Inbox to view status reports. All the details you need are available at the click of your mouse, 24/7, from any internet connection.

Digital Screening Technology


We have five and ten panel readers at our clinic. You won't wait days for results. You'll receive web-based negative results on your desktop within 15 minutes of test completion. You can be on the phone as soon as possible to make a job offer to your first choice candidates.